The Prospect NY x ALL TOO HUMAN x Baron Von Fancy

The Prospect NY x ALL TOO HUMAN x Baron Von Fancy


Boston - MA

All around the beautiful people move about and around, some tailored edges against other raw hems. Some Chanel, some Jacquemus. Some Proenza, some Delpozo. A tall lean woman, wearing brown lips, having a martini, Bombay. A shorter man with slicked hair and bright green rims, also sipping, also Bombay. A beautiful boy in a velvet puffer coat and a tigers cap. A cannabis lawyer telling of the trade, thrice Bombay.

The wonder, though, was found where it always is found. The wonder was in the whim. The way that you only know what the buzz is when you suddenly find yourself inside it. The buzz! The whim! The chatter of people discussing things they normally don’t. The energy of ideas dormant by daylight and electric in the evening. The whispers of masculinity and femininity, both changing forms and quantities, form and fashion. The sound of genre. The humdrum of something ALL TOO HUMAN.

Peering over it all, watching the buzz they created, were pieces by our beloved Baron Von Fancy--also present, also sipping Bombay. His works playfully warned us--“COMING IN A LITTLE HOT.” They dared us--”I WISH YOU WOULD.” They even told you so--”THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.”

This was the nature of that evening, February 7, 2017. Jessica’s ALL TOO HUMAN boutique in Boston brings together the most interesting people in the name of modern and fabulously curated fashion. The Prospect NY’s partnership with ALL TOO HUMAN was natural--combining our team’s love for fashion with ALL TOO HUMAN’s intuitive good taste for contemporary art.

Baron Von Fancy’s installation will be present in ALL TOO HUMAN throughout Spring 2017, with Prospect NY products also available in store.



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“Twice as Fancy” Exhibition and Celebratory Dinner at Hôtel Americano

“Twice as Fancy” Exhibition and Celebratory Dinner at Hôtel Americano

Organizing a memorable dinner party can be daunting in New York City these days – even if you’re afforded generous lead time. With less than three weeks in advance and at the peak of holiday party season, we decided December 13, 2016 was the best date to throw a celebratory fete for our company’s product launch with beloved NYC artist Baron Von Fancy.

We find our most fruitful collaborations are born through conversations with friends (or friends of friends) and we couldn’t have been more fortunate than to galvanize our dearests Emie Diamond of The Curateur Collective and Andrea Franchini who handles events and partnerships at Hotel Americano, with such short notice.

Emie took the lead in curating a selection of Baron Von Fancy ‘s never been seen before artworks transforming the setting, while The Prospect NY team envisioned the tablescape with our barware/dinnerware bearing artist’s signature text.  Design pieces from The Prospect NY x Baron Von Fancy capsule collection were highlighted throughout the evening, from the burning of our two custom scented candles “Burn Baby Burn” and “What a Smoke Show,”  to cocktails served in our crystal tumblers, canapés on our black acrylic “Just a taste so you want more” serving tray, and assorted dinner coupes at each place setting.

With every element coming into play, our "Twice as Fancy" dinner continues to live on through the custom BVF nameplates each guest took home – reinforcing for us all that we never want to lose that personal touch.

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